Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Tree Collecting While on the Road

As a traveller, I find that I had taken simple things for granted when I worked in a non-travelling gig.  Some of these things include home cooked meals, leftovers, spontaneously going out with friends and holiday decorating.  More specifically would be Christmas trees and Christmas decorating.  Last year I was on the road steady during the holidays so there was not any time.  This year...I am not sure what happened...I have time but have opted to continue the collection process.

On the road during holidays, I collect Christmas trees via photos.  This blog is dedicated to some of those trees I have collected.

If you are in New York City during the holidays, it is a magnificent.  Blocks of area are decorated.

And, if you are there, you have to see the Rockefeller tree.  Lots of human traffic, but magnificent at night. 

Another favorites of mine when in NYC is checking out the fountain area in Rockefeller Center.  I have caught the beauty in almost every season.

Philadelphia is another place that has captured my heart on the East Coast.  The Philadelphia bow to Christmas includes a greatly decorated tree near the LOVE monument by Robert Indiana. 

It would not be the holidays with running into some beautiful Christmas Trees in random places.  This Christmas Tree was tucked into the lobby of the Philadelphia Amtrak station.

While on the East Coast, I was also in Atlantic City and came across a themed Christmas Tree paying homage to the drama of the Roaring 20's (which I am a huge fan) in the lobby of Resorts Casino.

Another gem on the East Coast that I located lived at Revel for their employees.  A beautiful and traditional tree.

While this conversation has been directed to the Trees of Christmas, I would be remiss if I did not share my joy in finding St Nick on the West Coast in Blackhawk, Colorado.  I was amazed when I entered the Holiday Bazaar to find this jolly, young man.

While I am not done with the West Coast, I am going to shift to the Mid-West.  I had the pleasure of staying at the Argosy Riverside property in Kansas City, Missouri.  And to my delight, I walked into a high domed, cathedral style entrance complete with a radiant Christmas Tree.  I waited a while trying to get a picture without bystanders.  Eventually, I decided they added to the landscape.

It is a memorable pleasure to spend time during the holiday season with both those you have known all of your life and those that you meet and make an instant, new friendship.  A new friend took me to the Zona Rosa Shopping Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  It is there I met this enjoyable tree with quite the topper.

Also while in the Mid-West, I enjoyed the holiday preparations in Mayetta, Kansas.  If you thought Dorothy and Ruby Red slippers were the extent of Kansas you would be wrong.  There is a surprise around each corner.  The Prairie Band Casino also serves as a host to some Christmas magic.

Heading back to the West Coast, I was able to run into a beautiful tree while visiting my friends and their new angel babies at Saint Rose Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Lights in Las Vegas do exist off of the strip.

This may be one of my favorites.  I love the lighting bouncing off of the marble floors eliciting an almost ethereal feeling.

Although there is not a picture of a tree, I wanted to share this holiday decor.  It is beautiful and triggers memories of spending a wonderful holiday vacation in Park City, Utah with family.  No matter where you look at this time of the year, you find reminders of the Holiday season.

Then you head home...where friends and family await you and the glamour of all other Christmas trees falls away in favor of the pleasure of being with those you love and love you in return without judgement.

Shannon's Christmas tree at our Christmas Cookie party a few years ago.

My brother and his family Christmas Tree including the extended canine family unit.

My Grandmother's Christmas tree a few years ago.  This one was hand cut from the forest (with the correct permits or whatever is necessary, of course).

And, finally, what would a Christmas Tree blog be without the blogger's version of a Christmas Tree.  Although it has been years since I have set my own holiday decor, I love being part of all the other holiday decors, coast to coast...and sometimes decorating my own tree.

From the cherished ornaments to the family dinners, who could possibly deny the beauty of a Christmas holiday spent with friends, family and sometimes, strangers.

The Christmas Tree may be a symbol of a religion for many of us, but I also find it is a symbol of gatherings.  Surrounding yourself and others around a Christmas Tree is often enough to spark memories, good and maybe not so good.  But, it is always nice to have a solid and known entity help us down our paths, no matter where that path may take us.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil.  Enjoy your holidays, whether it includes St Nick and his elves or something else.  Find it in yourself to give and find kindness in others.  From coast to coast and country to country that is all that really matters.  If it is a Christmas Tree that elicits that emotion, make it happen.

From my friends and family to yours...Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your holiday season and the rest of the year.  Don't let the season coming to an end change your love for man once the season truly comes to a close.